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The ReplicatorActivity can be used in two ways, in Sequence or in Parallel. Use the ExecutionType property to determine the way it is used. If use in sequence the CurrentIndex can be used to see which item we are executing as found in the CurrentChildData. Note that when executing in parallel the CurrentIndex always points to the last item.

        Dim result = replicator.CurrentChildData(replicator.CurrentIndex)

Using the without an UntilCondition is actually quite simple. The main thing to be aware of the ExecutionType property. In this case I didn't set it and it defaults to Sequence. This means that each iteration comes after the next iteration and we can use the CurrentIndex and CurrentChildData to retrieve the piece of data we are working with. When we set the ExecutionType to Parallel the ReplicatorActivity behaves very different. In that case each branch is started at the same time so the CurrentIndex, which is scoped to the ReplicatorActivity, doesn't help you. In fact it will return the last item of the collection every time you try.