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One frequent reason for this error is that the EventArgs class or any other type in the event, including sender, used is not marked as serializable. In this case you will find an InnerException with the text "EventArgs not serializable".


Another possible reason is that the workflow you are sending a message to is already terminated. This might happen if your code is responding to an event that has already timed out allowing the workflow to terminate. The error is misleading in this case because the WorkflowRuntime doesn't know that the workflow has finished and tries to load it from the, in this case, non existent WorkflowPersistenceServices. In this case you will find an InnerException with the text "The workflow hosting environment does not have a persistence service as required by an operation on the workflow instance "SomeId"."


An instance of Exception that describes the error that caused the current exception. The InnerException property returns the same value as was passed into the constructor, or a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) if the inner exception value was not supplied to the constructor. This property is read-only.