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WindowsWorkflowFoundation is basically a library consisting of an execution engine, a rules engine, a number of activities, a number of supporting runtime services and a designer allowing developers to design their workflows graphical in VisualStudio2005 (VS2005). In fact it even includes a graphical debugger allowing the developer to step through the workflow and even into the underlying .NET code. The engine is designed in such a way that the developer has a free choice between building the workflow as code constructs or in a declarative fashion using XAML. Either way he can use the graphical designer the same way, all that changes is the output. Because the runtime engine has the capability of parsing and executing the XAML itself we have tremendous flexibility in our workflows. There is no need to compile them at the same time as the rest of the application. This flexibility even goes further and the engine allows for the runtime alteration of the executing workflow, how about that for flexibility!