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Replicator Activity

The ReplicatorActivity activity enables you to create an arbitrary number of instances of a single activity during run time. Each ReplicatorActivity activity can contain only one child activity, but the child can be a composite activity.

By default, the ReplicatorActivity activity finishes when all child activities have finished. You can use the UntilCondition property to stop execution of the ReplicatorActivity before the completion of the child activity instances. For more information about conditions, see Using Conditions in Workflows.

The ReplicatorActivity can be used in two ways, in Sequence or in Parallel. Use the ExecutionType property to determine the way it is used. If use in sequence the CurrentIndex can be used to see which item we are executing as found in the CurrentChildData. Note that when executing in parallel the CurrentIndex always points to the last item.

When using the UntilCondition you need to check the AllChildrenComplete property of the sender so see if all data has been processed.

The Replicator Activity activity hangs if all the child activities have finished and the Until Condition property evaluates to false. Once the Replicator Activity activity has hung in this manner, you can use a workflow change to add a child activity to the Replicator Activity activity that will cause the Until Condition to evaluate to true.

But it works only with state machine problems.

Check UntilConditionAndTheReplicatorActivity for more information.

The ReplicatorActivity is similar to a For Each statement in code. It is also same as the while activity. There are two types of execution type Sequential type and Parallel type.

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