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Rule Set
A RuleSet is a collection of Rules to be executed.

A RuleSet is stored in an XML file with the same name as the workflow and the extension .rules. Basically they are stored as an XML representation of a CodeDom object. The same rules file also contains all the Declarative Rule Condition used in the Workflow.

A RuleSet executes Rules base on their order from high to low.

Depending on the RuleSetChaining setting:

  • FullChaining: If a Rule sets a property and an already executed rule depends on this it will be reevaluated. Do not confuse FullChaining with the kind of backtracking behavior found in some ArtificialIntelligence software.
  • ExplicitUpdateOnly: Chaining occurs only when the Update() function is used in a Rule.
  • Sequential: Each Rule will be evaluated only once.
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