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28-10-2006 10:01:11

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Sql Tracking Service Data Maintenance


Partition On Completion is designed for applications that have no downtime and do not want to incur downtime. The partitioning is done on the completion of every workflow instance. The records that are generated from tracking a workflow instance are added to the regular tracking tables until the workflow instance finishes. At that point, the records are moved to partition tables. When partitioning is enabled, a new set of tables is created periodically for tracking data. The tracked data of completed workflow instances moves to these new partitions without disrupting currently running applications.

Set the SqlTrackingService PartitionOnCompletion to true to move the tracking data as soon as a workfow instance completes.


Used when applications can have downtime for maintenance purposes.

Use the PartitionCompletedWorkflowInstances stored proc to move data from the live table to the partitioned tables

See Moustafa Khalil SqlTrackingService Data Maintenance 101 blog post at for more details on the basics.

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