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Workflow Foundation

About the Windows Workflow Foundation Wiki

This website is a Wiki dedicated to Windows Workflow Foundation. Basically everyone is encouraged to add their wisdom and knowledge about WF to this site, either by starting new topics or by adding to or changing existing ones.

The basic structure of this Wiki is that each topic, or idea, is a single page and that these topics can refer to each other. Creating links between topics is easy; every CamelCase word automatically becomes a link to a new topic with that name. There are more ways to create links, see VisitorWelcome, OneMinuteWiki and EffectiveFlexWiki if you are new to the concept of a Wiki. The most important thing to remember about a Wiki is that everyone can change anything!

Every time someone wants to elaborate on an item in an existing topic he or she can turn the topic in a link and create a new topic. Another way to start a new topic could be that you find a reference to something you want to know more about in an existing topic. In this case you also start a new topic the same way and ask the question. With any luck someone else will come along knowing the answer and add it. This way a Wiki is a knowledge repository constantly being expanded until everything is known (yea right like that will ever happen).

This website is not run or owned by Microsoft in any way but started my MauricedeBeijer. Maurice is a Dutch MVP who became very interested in WF but also a bit frustrated by the lack of documentation and general knowledge found on the web. To help others he decided to bundle the information he found into this Wiki.

Getting started

If you are new to WindowsWorkflowFoundation the GettingStarted page is a good place to do just that. Over there you will find some links to articles and videos about WindowsWorkflowFoundation that should give you a basic understanding. If you are already familiar with the basic of WindowsWorkflowFoundation you can use either the search box to the left to look for specific information or maybe start at the list of Activities. Another good starting point is WorkflowFoundationGotchas with a list of items that can cause problems if you are unaware of them.

About Wiki

If you're new to WikiWiki, you should read the VisitorWelcome or OneMinuteWiki . The two most important things to know are

  1. follow the links to follow the thoughts and
  2. YouAreEncouragedToChangeTheWiki

Check out the FlexWikiFaq as a means to collaborate on questions you may have on FlexWiki

Recent changes

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Wiki Usage

This wiki site is supposed to be a shared resource. As a shared resource everyone is encouraged to add new content or modify existing content!

Enjoy the WF wiki.

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